The Curry that's Tan-Tastic

A Milton Keynes Indian restaurant has created a curry that every woman – and man – dreams of; a unique curry that gives customers a healthy St. Tropez-esque fake tan.

The Calcutta Brasserie in Stony Stratford claims that its new ‘Chicken Tikka- Tan-doori’ uses natural colours extracted from vegetables and spices to create a distinctive ‘bronzed glow’, says the manager Mo Abdul.

He said: “It takes about 24 hours from eating the curry for the bronzing to start to take effect but the results are incredible. “Our chef uses a secret blend of vegetable extracts and natural colourings that are added to a base sauce and then there is one secret ingredient that is added to enhance the tan effect. We have trialled this Tikka Tan-doori for the past two months and we’re now ready to launch this week.” The Chicken Tikka Tan-doori will be on the menus from Tuesday and costs just £15.95 per portion – a traditional fake tan can cost around £25. The bronzed look created by the Tikka Tan-doori lasts for up to two days AND does not carry the ‘biscuit’ smell of normal tanning products.

Management are also running a special promotion where customers can buy unlimited Tikka-Top Pops for £49 throughout the month of April.