Campaign Strategy
When you start to work with Perception PR, you will soon realise we have a methodical and calculated approach to delivering a PR campaign for your business. We plan week-by-week and adapt to this where appropriate. This method of working keeps us focussed but importantly our clients in unquestionable awareness of what their PR company is doing for them and when.

Video Production
Our video production is more about increasing your online presence than winning Oscars. It’s a service that some clients love and adds another simple but effective element to a campaign.






Traditional Media vs Social Media
It can be a scary world for companies that don’t understand fast evolving social media. You don’t have to. We have a dedicated team on social media that are acutely alert to the changing trends of online media channels. Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, LinkedIn, Flickr and many more are part of our PR offering. 

Lest we forget the traditional media. Still incredibly powerful and of high value in the overall mix of public relations. With strong contacts in an enviable range of media, we have the edge for securing impactful media exposure.





Media resources are low and sending a photographer on a job has decreased. The majority of press use our own in-house style photography as we know what they are looking for and the style to suit their publication/website etc. Whether it’s an event, product or profile shot, we add this to your campaign and also give you full access to the images for you to use freely. 


Crisis Management
We have over 12 years of crisis management and have had to apply this to local, national and international media. Our quick response has enabled a client to ensure their voice is heard and a situation is controlled to the best possible level.

  Event Management
You know when you walk away from an event and say ‘that was amazing, did you see the…and I’d never thought of having one of those’ – this is what we aim for. From intimate bar launches to larger fashion shows, we have the experience, contacts and energy to make your event the talk of the town.

We all have a real affection for charity and believe it plays a very important part of our lives. Some of us like ones about fluffy animals, others prefer research-related charities; but we all like to give.

We continue to offer charities gift in kind support wherever possible and are very proud of the links we have established.