The énergie Group is set to be the first fitness chain in the world to put a gym into space.

The UK fitness franchisee group has been approached by National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) to assist in supporting the health and wellbeing of astronauts on the International Space Station as the US agency expands its resources on the orbiting space station.

As well as increasing the number of personnel sent into space, the length of time spent by each person will also rise, “this will put the human body and mind under a considerably extensive and prolonged amount of pressure,” says Professor Rolf Palio, director of science and personnel conditioning at NASA.

He explains, “Although our astronauts already undergo a significant amount of conditioning and training, once they inhabit the space station for a long period of time, they need to be stimulated physically and mentally. Astronauts suffer quickly from muscular atrophy, which is muscle wasting due to the absence of gravity. If we are to keep these people in space for even longer periods of time we need to provide the facilities they require, which will in effect be their own gym.”

Professor Palio’s US team has been working closely with énergie’s Head of Programme Development, Louis Friend to create a fitness programme that will deliver project ‘Energise Training’ (ET); expected to consist of one of the fitness industry’s most advanced and intense work-out programmes.

Once established and tested, a team from énergie Head Office will fly to the US to advise on the implementation of ET in a life-sized replica of the International Space Station. Louis Friend at énergie said: “This is incredibly exciting for us and the brand. We have always wanted to promote fitness on a global scale but this goes to different lengths.”

The International Space Station gym could be branded a Fit4less, as it wont include any of the ‘extras’ such as swimming pool, sauna or Jacuzzi but the team are yet to decide.