MP supports school's drive for excellence

A school is offering ALL students in Milton Keynes the chance to learn essential life skills as part of a drive to ensure young people leave education with a basic grasp of vital everyday skills, from boiling an egg to opening a bank account.

The Webber Independent School has launched a life skills afterschool class called ‘Excellence in the Fundamentals’ (EF) which is soon to be incorporated into their curriculum, and is also open to students and non-students for free. Students from any school in Milton Keynes can join the class every Thursday after school where they can learn a long list of skills over a six week period that also includes: how to sew on a button; how to greet an adult; respect for elders that includes holding doors open and polite address; plus each student will learn their national insurance number off by heart.

EF is the brainchild of Vice Principal Hilary Marsden she said; “As we are all acutely aware, this is one of the most challenging times for school leavers seeking employment and the investment in education has never been a higher priority on parents’ agenda. We want to better prepare our students for life beyond education with skills, such that are used daily and will make that individual stand out as a competent person in all areas; as well as receiving a good education.

“By opening this class to all students in Milton Keynes we want to give parents and students a safe and friendly environment to learn beyond the national curriculum; plus we would encourage other schools to set up their own EF classes.”

MK North MP Mark Lancaster, said: “The Excellence in the Fundamentals scheme will give children a great opportunity to learn and develop key skills which will set them apart from other students. This is a fantastic initiative and I wish to congratulate Hilary Marsden for her innovative idea, which will benefit children from across the city.”

The Excellence in the Fundamentals class is a free weekly activity, students/parents must book their place in advance by calling The Webber Independent School on 01908 574740 or visit