Climb Your Mountain - From Your Sofa

Each person in Milton Keynes will have the chance to ‘live’ the excitement and drama of climbing Mount Kilimanjaro from the comfort of their own home from this Friday.

Founder of Climb Your Mountain, Charlie Wardle is setting off with a team this weekend to climb Kilimanjaro and he is capturing every moment possible on his smart phone and posting text and pictures to his twitter page @CYMCharlie. On Friday 4th November, Charlie and a team of 10 will be flying to Tanzania to start the seven day long trek up the 5,895 metre peak– the highest freestanding mountain in the world - and back.

Through the social media site,, Charlie will capture each element of the journey from emotions of the team at the airport and arriving in Africa to the preparation of their ascent through to making it to the top. Charlie will also be able to upload photos of the team, views and poignant moments to further illustrate the adventure. He said: “Many people have heard about climbing Kilimanjaro but it is not something everyone would want to or even be able to do. By putting our full experience online in real time this will bring people as close as possible to the experience without them having to leave their armchair.”

The Kilimanjaro climb is the second visit this year organised by Climb Your Mountain, a charity that helps people overcome troubles such as depression and stress through physical challenges. Charlie adds: “To climb such a mountain is an amazing physical challenge for anyone. We have trained our team to their best ability but none of us are athletes, this really is for people of all abilities. The sense of achievement is unlike anything people have experienced before and a journey people will treasure and share for the rest of their lives. We’re excited to be able to share this with everyone”

‘Followers’ of Charlie’s Twitter account can also ask questions which he promises to respond to regularly.

To follow Charlie and the team go to and for more information about Climb Your Mountain, visit