Today, Bury Lawn School’s pupils revealed its brand new logo that will see the Milton Keynes-based school become The Webber Independent School (WIS) from 5th September 2011.

Designed by a year 7 pupil called Haruka Kanasugi and voted for by the students, parents and readers of the Milton Keynes Citizen, the design will become the symbol of the Webber Independent School and marks the start of a strategic development in which teachers, students and parents will work side-by-side with a unified objective of ‘Achieving Excellence Together’.

New Principal Sue Vig joined GEMS (Global Education Management Systems) in 2005 as founding Principal of Royal Dubai School having completed 14 years as a Head in the UK. Prior to that she was a LEA school improvement advisor and now joins The Webber Independent School, which caters for ages 3 -18. With an excellent proven track record of School Improvement and quality of leadership, Sue Vig says: “We are making dramatic changes to drive improvement in each aspect of the school. These changes go far beyond the cosmetic alterations and deep into the very foundations of the teaching structure that will give each individual student the tools and keys for success.

“The Webber Independent School will be a dynamic place of functional learning with a central ethos of achievement, education and fun, preparing pupils for life in a multi-cultural digital society where knowledge and skills are highly coveted.  The WIS will be an environment which parents, pupils and staff will be immensely proud to be associated with.”

Under a reformed teaching structure, each student will receive personalised teaching to enhance and nurture skills, set within a safe and happy environment; a quality that is pivotal to The WIS. On September 5th, the school will open with new state-of-the-art ICT (Information Computer Technology) equipment, a new dedicated learning zone, and larger library with an average of 25 books per child.

Sue Vig passionately believes that private education holds the key to gaining an advantage in career progression, “As we are all acutely aware, this is one of the most challenging times for school leavers seeking employment and the investment in an education has never been a higher priority on a parents’ agenda. We are naturally forward thinking and understand the demands of the ‘real’ world; therefore we put all of our energy and experience in offering personalised learning to create a high calibre of ambassadors. We also work in partnership with parents to overcome obstacles in child developments to give 100% of our students a future beyond our care.”

The WIS will introduce new cutting edge classroom practices to ensure discipline, matched with creating a vibrant, dynamic and engaging environment to demonstrate the excitement of learning. Evoking students’ skills and interests is an important part of teacher/student engagement and development. A student’s voice is paramount to their engagement says Sue Vig, “It is crucial to listen to our students and respect their views and thoughts, they may not always be correct but we must not oppress their opinions; instead we should nurture them and create objectivity.”

Supporting Sue Vig will be Hilary Marsden who will assume the position of Vice Principal Head of Secondary with over 22 years teaching experience

The Webber Independent School’s ethos will be based on the four Core Values embedded into each GEMS school;

  1. World Citizenship
  2. Universal Values
  3. Leadership Qualities
  4. Forward Thinking

For further information about Bury Lawn School, visit www.webberindependentschool.co.uk and for details about The Webber Independent call 01908 574740


Notes to editors:

Bury Lawn School was named after the urban designer and theorist responsible for Milton Keynes’ unique design, Melvin M. Webber “the father of the city” (the Architecture and Planning of Milton Keynes, Walker, D, the Architectural Press, London, 1982).

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